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Belavi' Facelift Massage

Rejuvenate your skin, tone face and neck muscles and experience a deep state of relaxation. The session includes gentle facial cleansing, warm aromatherapy towels, massage using luxurious oils and cremes, the stimulating "Honeylift" technique, and toning herbal mists. Finishing touches include hand massage, a soothing foot massage, and relaxing scalp massage. $65

Cupping Therapy

This technique uses suction cups (or the MC-600 MediCupping machine) to separate the tissue in the body to assist in moving fluids and toxins from stagnation to promote healing. This is wonderful for detoxification, pain control, spider veins and scaring. The client is draped with a sheet as done with a regular massage. Treatment time is 45 minutes. $65
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Massage Therapy

Energy Balancing

Esoteric Healing, Polarity, Healing Touch and Reiki all work to release blockages in energy flow and rebalance chi. Lifeforce energy called "chi" is a subtle form of electromagnetic energy which infuses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Stress can weaken and block energy flow causing pain or illness. This work promotes relaxation, healing, balance, and harmony. $65
LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy

"The Original Hot Stone Massage." This session offers a blend of energy balancing, therapeutic massage, and total relaxation. Heated basalt stones cradle your body in warmth and are tools for a full body massage. Cool marble stones are placed on the energy centers for balance and harmony. Together the stones offer a multidimensional experience connecting the mind, body, and spirit. $85

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy gently and rhythmically moves lymph through the body, especially swollen areas, which relieves pressure and enhances the immune system. As both a preventative and remedial technique, MLD can be used for a wide range of purposes including faster recovery from injury, reduction of swelling and discomfort from pregnancy, and strengthened resistance to illness. $35 - 65


Did you know that your feet are a roadmap to other areas of your body! Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. The theory behind reflexology is that these areas correspond to organs and systems of the body. Proponents believe that pressure applied to these areas affects the organs and benefits the person's health. $60


This technique is used to balance the subtle energies of the body and allow ourselves to relax and heal. The client is fully clothed for this treatment. $35 - 65

Oncology Massage

Gentle comfort-oriented massage and energy therapy to persons either active in the treatment process (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) or post-treatment. Benefits may include relief from anxiety, pain, nausea, improved circulation, reduced swelling, and neuropathy of hands and feet. Encourages relaxation and sleep.
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